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Why you'll love us

We manage your IT team
We manage your development team

We do the hard work for you. We take care of it and we do the tasks based on your requirement.

Focus in your business
You can focus on your business

Save your time looking for developers, learning new terms, and doing awkward job interviews. We do these for you so that you can focus on what are more important and grow your business.

Fixed price
Pay a fixed price

No hidden charges, no extra commission and no surprises. Pay a fixed price membership. From the beginning you already know what you are paying for.

How our teams work


Discuss your project with our Team

Before you sign up. You can either book an appointment, reach-out via chat support or call us to discuss your project requirements. We will be happy to assist you and give you advise on how MVP Maker can help you with your project. Let's talk

Your IT team grows as your business does

We match our teams' expertise


We match your project with our remote teams' expertise

You will have a customized team built only for you. The team is composed of remote developers, designers and is headed by a project manager. Our people undergo to series of screening process, including check of their portfolio, industry expertise, skills in programming languages, diversity of culture worked with and oral interview.


Monitor progress of your team on an online platform

You will be given an access to an online platform wherein you can track the progress of your team which shows the following:

Hours allocated per task
Who is working on each task
Hours consumed for each task
Remaining hours
Status of each task

we work with remote teams

Lean Startup Approach


Lean Startup approach

MVP Maker follow the Lean Start-up approach. A project doesn’t end with the launching. You need to learn from customers, analyse the data and upgrade your website for new features. We will be here for you as your business grow. Even if you need new features, the price is the same every month. We work with hours and not with features.

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